Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge TBR


Since we are approaching the end of the year I decided to participate in the Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge in order to motivate myself to complete some of my reading goals for 2016. Especially now that I have so many things to do, I need to set a more specific goal if I want to finally read some of the books that I have added on my TBR shelves. I am not going to donate the books that I might not read within that time frame, because I might not have enough time to read all of the them. However, I am going to be posting weekly updates every Sunday in order to keep myself on track. You can find out more about this challenge in the original challenge page. Continue reading

September Book Haul

At last my finals are over! Now I can get back to my normal schedule. I really didn’t know I had accumulated this many books this month. And to be honest, I would have gotten even more than those, but some of the books I had ordered were taking too long to arrive and so I canceled the order. Now let me show which books I bought this month… Continue reading

Review: Courage

Nine days have passed since my last blog post, but I actually felt like I hadn’t posted for at least two weeks. Anyway, I am back with a book review. I should really post more book reviews or at lest I should try. I am currently late for two book reviews I’ve been meaning to write this month. But for now, let’s focus on this one… Continue reading

Top 10 Oldest Books on my TBR shelf

I think this was a resent Top 10 Tuesday theme that I didn’t do or at least something very close to it. Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to share with you the top 10 books that have been sitting on my TBR shelf the longest. Also, I wanted to see for myself which these books are so that I can put them on the top of my next TBRs. Continue reading

T5W: Characters You’d Want As Family

118368Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly meme created by Lainey and now hosted by Samantha. You can find more information about it on the Goodreads group page and you can see the Complete List of Wednesday-ers here. This week’s theme is Top 5 Characters You’d Want As Family. Continue reading

Top 10 Languages I Want to Learn

I got the idea for this post centuries ago. WHAT??? You don’t believe me!!!!!! Oh. Okay, I wasn’t alive centuries ago. Let’s start again…

I got the idea for this post when computers were invented. But… What is it now? My parents hadn’t even met each other yet? Are you sure? All right. I’ll do it again…

I got the idea for this post when the Internet was created. However,… What do you mean I wasn’t even an idea in my parents’ heads back then? My parents had yet to be born? You are lying! Why should I believe you, you li-… Allright! All RIGHT!!!!

I got the idea for this post in January. It was still a long time ago. Now that we’ve solved that, can we get on with the actual post? Continue reading