Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habbits

d259cba038b46cbc67150e8506e98cc0This week’s topic is ‘Bookish Habits’. You can see the group info here and the Complete List of Wednesday-ers here. I don’t think my bookish habits are really habits and not just me being weird, but it doesn’t matter any way.

1. I react badly to distractions while reading. I mean it. I have been known to yell at my sister, because she called me while I was reading a book and wouldn’t stop talking. I do that with almost everything. When I’m doing something I am really focused and I won’t stop until I finish it or am too tired to continue. So, no noise is allowed where I’m reading. No people, no TV, nothing. Even in libraries sometimes I get distracted. The only exception are cafes. I can read there, for some inexplicable reason.

2. I need my books to be in perfect condition. I can understand it if they are old and someone else has made notes on them. I don’t mind that. What I hate is drawings and stains and tears and cracked spines in books that were previously in perfect condition. From the moment a book becomes my property, it’s going to remain in perfect condition -barring damage that I can’t prevent.

3. I rarely lend out my books. This wasn’t always a rule for me. But ever since I lent two of my Harry Potter books to my cousin and she returned them almost destroyed, I have been very careful with whom I lend my books to. Firstly, I make sure they understand The ten Book Borrowing Commandments and give them my ‘Thou shalt not damage my book’ speech. After I make sure that they take me seriously and that they are ready to buy me a new copy, if they damage the one they borrowed, I might lend my books to them.

4. I never carry a book in my purse. Unless we are talking about a backpack, no book of mine has ever and will ever see the inside of a purse/handbag/whatever. Purses don’t have enough space to fit a book and books are not meant to be stored in purses. However big or small your purse might be, my book is not going in it. It’s just too easy for a book to get damaged inside a purse.

5. I judge a book by its cover. Alright, I don’t mean it exactly that way. What I’m saying is that I need a book to have either a beautiful cover or an interesting title. If a book has neither, then I rarely bother to look it up. Of course, I care about people’s recommendations and always read the synopsis of a book before reading it, but cover art is very important to me. If you have read my previous posts, then you might already know that I like to draw. I am an artist at heart; I draw, I write, I sing, and I play the guitar. I love most types of art. So, a beautiful cover is important to me. I like to search the different editions of a book before I buy it, so that I can find the one I like the most. If I don’t like a book’s cover I might not buy it at all. I might look it up online and buy the e-book, I might even read that e-book, but I probably won’t buy a book that I find ugly.

Those are my top 5 bookish habits. What are yours? Tell me in the comments or leave me a link to your own post/video.

Next week’s topic is Worst Series Enders.

I found the image on pinterest a long time ago so I can’t remember the link. If you know its creator, please leave me a comment so that I can give them credit.


2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habbits

  1. I love your list! A lot of us listed the same things, but yours are unique.

    I also had a bad Harry Potter lending experience (as in pages falling out!), and I no longer lend books since then. I don’t understand how people ruin books.


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