Review: Devoured

5648871Title: Devoured

Author: Amanda Marrone

Rating: 4 out of 5


Think of the tale of Snow White. What if I told you that Prince Charming was a cheating pig? Or that the enchanted mirror was actually a genie? What if I told you that Snow White was not fairy tale but history?

Megan’s twin sister Remy died in a car accident years ago, but her restless spirit could not find its path and lingered haunting Megan for years. But after she takes a job at the Land of Enchantment, Remy’s ghost seems to get more agitated and Megan finds out that Luke -another employer- can see her twin too.
Now Megan has to help her sister and it looks like Luke’s the only one who can help her do that. But things are getting from bad to worse. Her attraction to Luke is irresistible, though she already has a boyfriend. And Ari her new friend is crazy about Luke. When her best friend is found with her heart missing, exactly like in the visions Remy has shown her, she can’t ignore it anymore; something is terribly wrong . Will she find out what that is, or will she end up being the next victim?


This is an updated version of a review that I had posted on my old blog. Since I had plans for this weekend I decided to do this instead of sitting and writing a new review -something that usually takes me a couple of hours from start to finish- as well as all the other posts I have programmed to go up each week. And also, I thought that this review would go well with last week’s Red Riding Hood review.

Firstly I want to say that I really don’t like horror movies. I have never watched one and hope I never will. This book was scary and creepy, definitely too scary and creepy for me. Having said that I will try to be objective in my review.

It was an interesting and well-written book. I liked the way the author took Snow White’s tale and twisted it like that. I have often reached the “…and they lived happily ever after” part of stories and wondered “And then what?”. So I liked reading a story about what happened next. Prince Charming cheating Snow White and all the other ways in which Amanda Marrone twists the classic fairy tale give, in my opinion, a more realistic feel to the story. Snow White was just another woman, Prince Charming was just another man, they were all just ordinary people.

About the part of the story that takes place in the present…I think Luke and Megan’s was a very sweet romance. Furthermore, (and this is a spoiler so you can skip this sentence) I really enjoyed Samantha turning down Ryan after being such a jerk. A story needs a happily ever after, but forgive does not mean forget and people need to face the consequences of their actions if the want to grow up and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Also, I liked the way Amanda Marrone described the bad guys -and I’m not going to say much more, because I don’t want to reveal his/her/their identity/-ties. I had guessed part of it but not all of it and I was never really sure about the parts I had guessed. Throughout the story I was really, truly scared (and I did not like that), but the suspense kept me reading. I just had to finish the story. I had to know the full story. And, unlike many other books, I was not disappointed.

All in all, it was a very good story. I liked how the author managed to blend the fairy tale world with reality so well and add to it the metaphysical element. If I hadn’t been so spooked I think I might have loved it, but I’m never going to read it again. The interesting part is over, but the spooky parts remain.

It’s a book I would definitely recommend, if anyone asked me about it, but it is too much for me. If you want to get a copy, click on the link here.


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