Autumn Book Haul

These are the books that I got in September, October, and November. I didn’t want to include them in my previous haul because it was a very long list of books and I didn’t want to bore you. So these are the rest of the books I got since I’ve been gone.

148006161. The Warden by Anthony Trollope

I was surprised to find this one for only 2.69€. At first I was afraid that it would be damaged, but luckily it was in perfect condition. I’m not sure what it is about. Initially, I had read the synopsis, but it’s been more than two months since then and I have forgotten.

129135402. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I was taking an English Literature class last year and ‘Jane Eyre’ was one of the books analysed in it. I had never had any interest in reading this book and after that class my feelings on this subject were confirmed. But, it is an undeniable fact that the Bronte sisters have had a very big influence on the Literary world and also my English teacher suggested that I read the Bronte sisters to improve my English. So, I decided that it was time for me to read these three women’s books and since I find Wuthering Heights even more ridiculous and Anne is not as popular as the other two, I went for ‘Jane Eyre’.

148003173. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens is one of the authors that I have always wanted to read and this is one of the titles I am most interested in. Of course, right after ordering it, I found out that my sister already had a copy of it that she didn’t want. Fortunately, her copy is so old and falling apart so badly that I didn’t want it anyway, whereas my new copy has such a nice cover, don’t you think?

231626394. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard

This is not one of those classics that everybody talks about. Personally, I hadn’t even known it existed until I saw it in the bookstore. However, from the reviews that I have read and the summary, I got the feeling that this might be a great adventure story. Also, I heard that there are some racist views in it, but I will have to read it to tell you for sure. I have to say that I am intrigued.

133227595. North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell

I chose this book for several reasons. Mainly it was because I have always enjoyed reading books set in Victorian England. Most of the times that time frame is enough to get me started on a book. Also, the summary was very interesting and Elizabeth Gaskell is one of the authors that has always been recommended to me based on the books I have read. Last but not least was the cover. I know that it isn’t anything extraordinary, but I still like it a lot.


94103076. Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

This was another recommendation by my English teacher. He said it was a great book for someone who is studying English, so I decided to try it. So far I have found out that it is a very hard book to read, but I do want to finish it. It’s only about 130 pages long.

127882767. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

This is again a book recommended to me by my teacher. I’m not very sure about whether I’m going to like it or not, but I will read it anyway. He is a person that I trust when it comes to book recommendations and it doesn’t do any harm to read something different once in a while. It’s not that long, so why not?

248743488. Woman Much Missed by Thomas Hardy

This one is No14 of the Penguin Little Black Classics. I was walking through my favorite bookshop with very little money to spare in my wallet. I wanted to find some book to buy and this was the perfect choice. After all, I wasn’t so desperate that I didn’t have 1€ to spare. Moreover, I have been wanting to try some English poetry for a while now and Hardy’s poems seemed short enough.

248743479. The Eve of St Agnes by John Keats

Another of the Penguin Little Black Classics. This is No13. Again it has been a while now that I have been thinking of buying some of Keats’ poetry. He is one of the featured authors in an English Literature online course that I’ve been taking and I wanted to read some of his poems when I reached that literary period. So, when I saw this book, I thought it was the perfect opportunity.

4519510. A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

Again this title was recommended to me by my English teacher. I don’t really know anything about the book, but from what little I’ve found out from the summary it sounds like something I’m really going to enjoy. There are a couple more books that he suggested that I read, but I have yet to buy them.

9789602362969-200-014702511. Pope Joan (or Η Πάπισσα Ιωάννα) by Emmanuel Rhoides

Putting aside Classic English Lit for a while, let’s talk a bit about Classic Greek Literature and in particular Pope Joan. In this novel Emmanuel Rhoides talks about a woman who, while dressed as a man, becomes the Pope. It was even banned by the Church and called a ‘corruptive literary work’. Oh, and it cost less than 3€, of course I bought it!

9789604107568-200-110805412. Άρωμα Λεμόνι by Antigone Pommer

This book is written in Greek. I don’t know of any translation of it, so I’m sorry about that. It’s about four friends who meet again after many years they had been apart and decide to make their teenage dream – owning a sailing yacht – come true. There is also a very rich Greek entrepreneur, who has come back from America to look for his lost love. And there is some kind of connection among all these people or at least this is what the summary in the back says. Anyway, from what I understand this must be a novel about dreams and love and the author is one that I’ve heard many good things about.

1792528413. The Cleft by Doris Lessing

I first found out about this book through a video on YouTube (which is in Greek-sorry!). After watching the video, I felt compelled to get that book. Wouldn’t you have bought a book about a society where the male gender is non-existent, until one day a boy is born!


14. The Indian Bride by Karin Fossum

In the same video as previously, I found out about this one as well. The only problem is that a month after buying it, I found out that it was the fifth book in the Inspector Konrad Sejer series. I think I’m going to read it anyway.

9786180112788-200-112360015. Φως στις Σκιές by Peny Papadaki

This book was released in September. The publishing house gives to everyone that makes a pre-order from their website a discount, free shipping, and the choice to get the book signed by the author. So, now have a signed edition. It’s so exciting!!!

661758816. The Trial by Franz Kafka

This one came with the newspaper and my mother abandoned it on the shelves of my closet. My closet is also used as a laundry room, where miscellaneous stuff are forgotten. So, I like to take a look occasionally through the books that my mother has conveniently left on some empty shelves there and pick out the ones I want to read. Aaaand that’s the story of how this book (as well as the next one) came to my possession.

b9946017. The Castle by Franz Kafka

This is one of those authors that you’ve always wanted to read and never known why (at least when talking about me). So, when I had the opportunity to add not just one, but two of his books in my collection, I took it. I really hope that I’ll like it.

That was my Autumn Book Haul. I think that until I get a job from which I will actually get money, I will keep doing these seasonal book hauls. I’m probably going to buy one more book by the end of the month, but I will tell you all about it in my next book haul.

Lastly, I mentioned quite a few times that I have an English teacher. I am planning to tell you all about him in tomorrow’s post.

What books did you buy this autumn? Have you read any of the books in this book haul? If, yes, tell me your opinion in the comments below. Which book do you think I should read first? I would like to read all of your suggestions.


If you want to buy any of the books in this book haul here are the links:

1) The Warden, 2) Jane Eyre, 3) Great Expectations, 4) King Solomon’s Mines, 5) North and South, 6) Heart of Darkness, 7) The Awakening, 8) Woman Much Missed, 9) The Eve of St Agnes, 10) A Passage to India, 11) The Cleft, 12) The Indian Bride, 13) The Trial, 14) The Castle


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