My English Lessons

I know that in my latest posts, I have mentioned quite a few times that I am taking an English class. I think it’s time for me to talk a bit more about it.

Well, I think that it is obvious to you by now (or at least I’d like to think so) that I am quite comfortable with my use of the English language. In fact -having already traveled to England -I can honestly say that if I were to move to the UK to stay permanently, I would have little to almost no difficulty at all to communicate with other people.

So, why do I need to these lessons for, one might ask? And the answer is simple. After I get my degree and can officially call myself a Mathematician, I want to do a Post-graduate degree in the UK. I am very interested in studying alternative methods of teaching Mathematics to young students. I want to find out ways to make the study of Maths not only easier, but also enjoyable. I know that everybody has thought at least once “Why am I learning all this? Am I ever going to actually need this knowledge?”. What I want to study is the different ways that a teacher can answer this exact question to his/her students.

Unfortunately, even though I already have a Proficiency degree in English, this degree is not accepted from all of the Universities in the UK, which means that, if I were to go there to study, I would have to present them with another ‘stronger’ certificate to prove that I am a proficient user of the English language.

This is why I decided to start English lessons again. My teacher is going to help me prepare for the IELTS test. My goal is to get a score high enough to be acceptable from every University in the UK. Kostas -my English teacher- will also help me choose the universities that I want to apply to, to send the applications, etc etc.

At the same time I’m also thinking of studying another language. What I’m really interested in learning is Russian, but I am still undecided. The problem is that I have left my German half-finished and after all these years I’m starting to forget the language. I would like to finish my German, before studying a new language. There is also the fact that it would help my father a lot, were I to learn Bulgarian, because of the many projects his company has been offered there.

It is quite a dilemma. What do you think? What languages do you know or would like to learn?


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