My Favorite Christmas Stories and Movies (Blogmas 2015 day 8)

After discussing Favorite Christmas Songs, let’s talk a bit about Christmas stories and movies. Hmmm, let’s see what are my favorite Christmas stories and Christmas movies.


It is actually a bit hard to talk about my favorite Christmas stories for several reasons. First is the fact that I’m Greek and grew up reading Greek Christmas stories as a child. This means that there are very few stories that I could talk to you about that you might actually know. Secondly, when we moved out of our old house and into the one we are living in today, my mother got rid of most of our children’s books, most of which ended up in the local library, so I can’t look into my old Christmas books and check if there are any that have English editions. Because of these and a few other reasons, my selection of Christmas stories was very limited. However, I can give you a few titles.

159888991. Frikantela, the Witch Who Hated Christmas Carols by Eugene Trivizas

If you don’t know Greek, then don’t bother to look this book up, because as far as I know and as far as my research has shown me it has never been translated. This story was written by the renowned Greek author Eugene Trivizas. He is the same author who wrote Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig and The Last Black Cat.

The story is about a witch who hated everything good. But more than everything she hated listening to Carols. So, when one New Year’s Eve morning a group of children go to her castle to sing to her the New Year’s Eve’s Carols, she steals their voices and traps them into balloons. So, now the children have to march into the witch’s castle in search of their stolen voices.

It’s a unique and beautiful story that I loved as a kid and still love today. Eugene Trivizas is one of my favorite author of Children’s Literature.

159945142. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

I believe that everybody knows this Christmas classic. As a small child the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge was always one of my favorites.

3. The Harry Potter books by J.K.Rowling

Yeah, I know what you’re going to say. What does Harry Potter have to do with Christmas? Well, the thing is that I read my very first Harry Potter book at Christmastime, I saw my very first Harry Potter movie during Christmas break and after that almost every time my mother bought me a Christmas book it was sometime around Christmas and I read the books during Christmas break. So, I have come to associate the Harry Potter books with Christmas.

4593339 4593376 4593432  4593453 4593490 HARRY6_INDESIGN.indd 4593548


I generally don’t watch a lot of movies, but I do have a few Christmas movies that I love.

How_the_Grinch_Stole_Christmas_film_poster1. The Grinch 

I loooove this movie! I watch it every Christmas, which is saying something because I have to admit that I hate Jim Carrey. Although, I have to admit that for this particular role I can’t think of an actor that would play it better than him. Everyone else in the family hates it, but I love The Grinch.

220px-Home_alone2. Home Alone

Okay, I think that we are talking again about a Christmas classic. I don’t believe there is anyone who doesn’t love this movie. Though, I didn’t like the second movie as much and I have never even bothered with the rest.

And lastly, my guilty pleasure…

Μπάρμπι-Στονκαρυοθραύστη3. Barbie Nutcracker

Because every woman, is a little girl at heart. So, yes I do like to watch this movie, even now that I am an adult. In fact, when I was a little girl and home alone, I used to play it and dance along with Barbie. And oh God, I was so bad! But I still had so much fun…!

So, do you like these books and movies too? What are some of your favorite Christmas stories and Christmas movies? Tell me in the comments below…


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