I finally added a contact form!

Oh my God! For months I have been obsessing about adding a contact form on my blog. I’ve spent hours looking in all the wrong places and, of course, I got nothing.

In the end, I gave up about a month ago and just added a contact page where I had post an old e-mail address that would be from now on dedicated to the sole purpose of receiving those e-mails. But I was not really satisfied with that option. Firstly, because it left my e-mail address at public view for anyone to see and start spamming me, but mostly because I feel that a contact form is a much more professional way for a website (or in my case blog) to do this. It makes contacting the author of the website/blog much easier, in my opinion.

So, I was reading through some old e-mails from Mike from StartBloggingOnline today and I found a tutorial on how to add a Contact form on your blog. OMG! I was stunned at how ridiculously easy it was and at how much time I had wasted failing to do something so simply simple…

Because of all that, I wanted to say a big thank you to Mike, who has helped me a lot since a started this blog. So, I would recommend that you go check out his blog, which has very good blogging advice, as I have mentioned before, and if you want to you can subscribe to his free blogging course.

Having said that, I wanted to add that you should all feel free to go to my Contact Me page and send me a message, if you have something you wish to tell me, have an idea you would like to share and so on. Of course, when it comes to my posts you can always leave me your comments in the comments section. I always read every single one of your comments and answer to most of them.

Talk to you soon… 🙂


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