Review: Meditations Through Coloring (Blogmas day 18)


I have recently started searching titles through the Netgalley website again and yesterday I came across this one. Obviously, you can all see that this is a coloring book. So how can anyone ever review a coloring book without having a physical copy in his hands you might ask?

Weeeell, I can’t tell whether or not I had a great time coloring its pages. I can’t talk about the quality of the paper and whether it takes ink well or if it is a thick good quality paper or so.

I can, however, talk to you about my impressions of the e-copy that I got.

At the beginning, there was a very short prologue talking about how meditation and coloring can help you destress and giving some other very interesting information. About that part, I can say from personal experience that coloring -and drawing in general- is a great way to relax. Doing something that doesn’t require much thought, like coloring the pages of a book, allows your mind to calm, let the stress of the day go away, and gives you time to be with yourself. I consider drawing or coloring for 15-20 minutes every night before bed a great habit especially for people who have very stressful lives, people who find it difficult to asleep, etc.

After this short prologue there is no other text. There are only coloring designs. They are mostly henna patterns, but there are also patterns taken from nature like lotus blossoms, flowers and animals. The designs are very intricate and most of them are full page drawings, while some may be a bit smaller or even larger two-page drawings.

When it comes to the drawings themselves, I thought that they were all beautiful. In fact, I could very easily buy the book only so that I could have it on my coffee table and look through the drawings.

Generally, I think it is a really nice book that I would like to buy for myself sometime in the near future. It would make a great gift for a friend and for yourselves as well.

I will try to get a copy of it sometime soon and color a couple of pages for you to see what they look like and get some inspiration.

So, tell me what you thought of this different review. Did you like it and would you like to see more like it in the future? What did you think of this coloring book? Would you buy a copy of it or do you have one already? Do you think coloring is a relaxing activity? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “Review: Meditations Through Coloring (Blogmas day 18)

  1. Okay that IS odd to have a colouring-in book on Netgalley. 😂 I’m glad it turned out to be good though!! And the pages do look stunning. :O I have the Enchanted Forest colouring in book but I barely ever remember to use it…gah. Which I should because I’m like a ball of insomnia at night and it’d be great to do something relaxing to make me sleepy. hehe. And plus, the drawings are so pretty right?!? I feel artistic without actually being artistic. 😂
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!


    • What I’ve discovered after years of drawing classes is that there’s no such thing as not being artistic. Everyone has an artist inside them. And also, I have seen the pages of the Enchanted Forest coloring book and I agree. They are REALLY beautiful!


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