Other meanings of… kourabies (Blogmas day 13)

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After teaching how to make kourabiedes in my previous post, I thought to educate you a bit more about one of my favorite treats.

Kourabies, which is simply the singular of kourabiedes, actually has other meanings in the Greek language.

So, who would we call a kourabies in Greek?

  1. Kourabies is a military man, oftentimes high in rank, who does not fight in the front line.
  2. Kourabies is a coward, someone who is afraid of his own shadow.
  3. Kourabies is also another word for a soft man or a mama’s boy, you know someone who doesn’t have a will of his own and prefers to let his mother run his life.

As you can see, being called ‘kourabies’ is never a good thing.

But why did the word get all these different meanings? I believe it is because of the texture of the treat itself. Kourabiedes are really soft and crumbly treats and one doesn’t need to apply much pressure for them to fall apart. So, it is easy to see why those meanings all fit the description.

Well, now you now the alternative meanings of the word kourabies. Next time you want to play it smart while insulting someone, you can call them ‘a kourabies’. Just make sure you are using it correctly.

Of course, if you really want to leave someone speechless, you can call them ‘a melomakarono’. Though the word can be used as an endearment between lovers, when they are trying to say that their partner is very sweet (you know like ‘sweetheart’), I don’t think anyone has ever used it as an insult. So you can be the first one to do it and let the other person wondering what you meant and whether they should be insulted…lol!

Now tell me… how did you like this small insight into the Greek language? Would you like to read some more in the future? What is the most absurd insult you have ever used or heard used? Share it with me in the comments below… 🙂


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