Christmas Gift Guide for Bookworms (Blogmas day 15)

When I started researching  Blogmas post ideas, I kept coming up with Christmas gift ideas posts. So, I wanted to write one of my own, but I wanted it to be interesting, a bit different from what you usually see and related in some way to the general theme of my blog.

Now, it is true that buying gifts can be hard. However, what is really hard is not thinking of something special to buy, but thinking of what the person you’re buying the gift for would like to receive. I am really, bad at this last one by the way. That’s why in this post I will try to give you a guide on how to figure out what gift your favorite bookworm would appreciate the most. (And maybe help myself a little as well.)

1. Gifts for the ‘Cute Bookworm’

What am I talking about? The cute bookworm is this particular type of bookworm who loves cute little things. Cuteness is his/her addiction. Little animals, teddy bears, unicorns and rainbows, hearts and flowers. Has a familiar face popped up in your mind? Well here are some gift ideas:

A. Bookmarks

I know that this might sound cheap, but it doesn’t have to be. A beautiful set of bookmarks can be priced from really cheap to really expensive, depending on what you’re buying.


And these are just a few pictures I found with a quick random search. Think of what else you could find and of your dear friend’s reaction upon receiving them.

Here are the links for these bookmarks for anyone interested: metal, bird, sailor moon (because I love sailor moon), porcelain teapot and teacup, totoro bookmark set.

B. A Set of Bookends

Because real bookworms never have enough bookshelves for their books. So, tasteful bookends are gifts that are very much appreciated. And especially where cuteness counts, they can make for an A+ present. Here’s what I found:

il_570xN.568588980_pe8mil_570xN.646418411_85k4il_570xN.815789005_dgao(girl reading, minions, Don Quixote)

C. T-shirts, Mugs, Jewelery (anything book related)

A nice T-shirt or mug with a favorite quote or one of these beautiful bookish necklaces can make for a beautiful gift.

(necklace and earrings, Dr. Seuss T-shirt, coffee mug)

These can all be inexpensive options. Remember gifts don’t have to be expensive, they just need to be thoughtful.

2. The ‘gadgety’ bookworm

This type of bookworm loves gadgets and new technology. Their house is filled with little gadgets that no one even knew existed. So what do I suggest you buy for this person?

A. Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Book Light


Gadgets - book light

It is always good to have some extra light when reading your book. Especially, if you are reading for hours and hours. Now, your friend won’t have to get up to turn on the light when it gets dark in the afternoon.

B. Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand

71zBJgR4a6L._SL1500_Now, you can put your tablet on the kitchen stand and use the wand to read your cook e-books. It would be a very useful kitchen for every mother.

C. Book Rest Lamp


A lamp to use for better lighting while reading that also serves as a book rest when you need to take a break. And it just so happens that your book would be the little house’s roof. Isn’t it cute?



This is a portable battery charger that can charge tablets and e-readers. Now, you can keep on reading your e-books for hours without having to worry about your battery level.

3. The Bookworm Glutton

I think we all know who I’m talking about. It’s that bookworm who consumes books at the speed of sound. (I’d say at the speed of light, but as you can see, I don’t like to exaggerate.) It’s one of the hardest bibliophiles to choose a gift for, because whatever book you choose, there’s a very good possibility that they’ve already read it. So, how do you keep them happy? You sneak up on them… 😉

A. A Book that Lists Books

I couldn’t find it on the Internet, but during my recent visit to a big bookstore I found a book called ‘A 1000 Books to Read’. And it was exactly that: a book that listed a thousand books that the author recommended to read. Even though it might sound like a silly gift for you, to a person who reads so many books each year this would be a very useful book.

B. Bathtub Caddy

Gadgets - bathroom caddy_sm

It’s not necessarily a book related gift, but come on! We are talking about book gluttons. They would never be able to resist the chance to read in their bathtubs…

C. A Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker


For the book glutton who loves audio-books this would be the perfect gift. This waterproof speaker will ensure that the time spent in the bathroom is not wasted reading time. Bookworms can easily take a shower or wash their pets while listening to their favorite audio-book.

4. The Bookworm Collector

The bookworm collector is that kind of bookworm who collects books. I’m not talking about people who buy books just to display them on their shelves but never read them. I don’t think I could ever like that type of person. I am only referring to bookworms who actually read the books in their collection. So who is the bookworm collector? It’s that person who has many editions of the same book just so he/she could match the book’s cover with the rest of the covers in the series. You know it’s the person who hates cover changes the most, because it means that they need to buy the entire series again to match the covers. It’s also the type of bookworm who has many different editions of his/her favorite classics. In the end, the bookworm collectors treat their books as any collector treats his collection. So, this is what you have to keep in mind when buying a gift for this type of bookworm. But what can you buy them?

A. A beautiful edition of their favorite book.

If you know that there is a new edition of a book they love and that they’d like to own, go buy it for them. Otherwise, you can look in any bookstore for a classic they love and buy them a beautiful edition of it. This could be an edition with a beautiful new cover, a leather-bound edition, or an illustrated edition, if you think they are going to appreciate the art style. Here are a couple of examples:

B. A book from their favorite author that is not so commonly known.

A bookworm collector would appreciate such a gift. Especially if they have been wanting to buy that book for some time now. Or even better it would be, if they hadn’t known it existed. In this category you can also add new releases. If you know that they would definitely buy this newly released book, then go ahead and buy it for them.

C. A Beautiful Selection of Short Stories

You’ve seen me use the word beautiful a lot in this category. That is because the bookworm collector appreciates beautiful editions much more than the plain ones, since they can display them on their bookshelves. So, a nice selection of short stories bound in a beautiful cover would be a great gift idea for this particular bookworm.

Phew! I am finally finished. I’ve been writing this post since Monday. But I hope you will find it helpful for your last minute shopping. I would have, if I knew anyone close enough to me that reads more books than I do or someone who would appreciate a book gift that much. I just wanted to add that you can buy any of these gifts for any type of bookworm, I just thought that this categorization was the best one, but it doesn’t have to be. Have fun!

So tell me…

Did you find this post helpful? Did you like my Christmas gift ideas? What other gift ideas do you have? Do you know of another type of bookworm? If you do, share their name and description in the comments below. What gifts would be the best for them? Tell me in the comments below.

Now I have to go cook crepes for the recipe I’m going to share with you later…


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