My Top 5 Christmas Destinations (Blogmas day 17)

Continuing with the top 5 theme of my previous post, I thought it would be nice to talk a bit about the top 5 places I would want to spent my Christmas at. Even though right now it is 14o C (around 57o F) outside. Considering that I live in Central Macedonia, which is in the northern part of Greece, and also that in my village it’s usually at least 2o C colder than the neighboring town, I can’t even think think what the weather is like in the southernmost parts of my country like Crete. It must be around 20o C down there! These are temperatures you see in the Middle of April not at the end of December! I was joking today with my sister when I told her that, if we were going to have a Christmas summer, then I would rather be in Australia.

So, don’t be surprised when you see a lot of cold places. Maybe some wishful thinking will return winter in time for Christmas. It’s not too late yet.

Number 5: Vienna, Austria


I’ve been in Austria twice in my life. The first time, I was around twelve and we had gone to Budapest with my mother and sister. During that trip we also visited Vienna. The second time was last year. Me and my sister visited my aunt and uncle in Austria. We left right after Christmas and returned about a week later. They live not too far from Vienna, so we got to visit the city, as well as Bratislava in Slovakia. It was a wonderful trip and I would love to repeat it sometime. Just not this year. My aunt informs that it’s 24o C in Austria right now. Even warmer than here in Greece! And just think that at the end of last March she’d called me to say that it had snowed so much during the night that they couldn’t even open their front door! This is Christmas weather guys, not whatever is happening right now.

Number 4: Pelion, Greece

downloadThis is a very popular destination in Greece all year long. During summer it has some of the most spectacular beaches, while in winter the slopes call to skiers from all around Greece. All this combined with the picturesque scenery make for an excellent Christmas destination. Even with these ridiculous weather conditions.

Number 3: Canada

Wenkchemna Peaks and Moraine Lake, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

My uncle Steve has grown up in Canada. Ever since I was a small child I remember hearing people talk about what winter in Canada is like and I’ve always thought that it would be on of the best Christmas destinations. The truth is that I want to see Canada during wintertime, even if it’s not Christmas. I would love to live in a place where you can always be sure it’s going to snow a lot in winter. I wouldn’t mind moving there permanently.

Number 2: Prague, Czech Republic

download (1)

Another dream destination of mine. I’ve always heard people say that Prague is a magical city. So, I imagine that during Christmas it would be ten times more magical than any other time of the year. It’s one of the places that I will most definitely visit as soon as I can afford it.

And lastly…

Number 1: Saint Petersburg, Russia


I think I have talked about this in my Holly Jolly Holiday Tag, but Saint Petersburg is and will forever remain my favorite Christmas destination until the end of time. A few years back my aunt Helen traveled there and she said that it is freezing and that no one should ever even consider travelling to this part of Russia for Christmas, unless they are insane. (I still haven’t figured out, if she considers me sane.) I don’t care. I want to travel to Saint Petersburg and I want it to be Christmas and I want to stay there for at least a couple of weeks. Whoever is willing to give me that, I would marry him (or her -we’re talking about Saint Petersburg here, I can compromise a bit) tomorrow. If marriage is not an option, I would consider trading off my left kidney or some other organ that is not absolutely necessary to me.

Anyway, these were my top 5 Christmas destinations.

Now tell me…

Do you agree with me or not? Have you been to any of these places? Did you like them? Tell me your top 5 Christmas destinations. I’d like to read your answers to these questions in the comments below…


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