Christmas Day in my House (Blogmas day 25)

1148746_648181771988973_2520890980116297043_nMerry Christmas! For those of you who celebrate Christmas  and even those of you who don’t, I give you all my best wishes.

So, what does Christmas day look like in my house?

Well, the morning was very q12391323_648181548655662_4085323852935270224_nuiet. We were alone in the house and the only thing going on since 9:00 a.m. were me and my mother cooking for the
Christmas table.

Later, at around 2:30 p.m. came our friends and my grandparents and we sat together to eat lunch. To all of you who eat at 12 p.m., in my family it is very common to eat lunch this late.

Let me now describe to you our Christmas table. We had roasted a pork thigh with potatoes. There was also a huge chicken stuffed with rice, dried fruit, and nuts,12392052_648180891989061_3089860691967318648_n the chicken crepes I had already prepared and a few other sides and salads. I know that this is too much food for 10 people, but it’s not unusual.

During lunch everyone was talking about politics -except for my grandpa who was defending his religion (communism). We ended up shouting our opinions at each other, because this is how we do it here in Greece. It was so much fun! There is something special about being able to scream your opinions at others get it all out of your system and have no one have a grudge against you in the end.10322679_648181348655682_4595532628417651308_n

Right now, we have a couple of guests staying with us an another family friend, who came for coffee. We are all sitting together and having a very good conversation. Yes, I know that I am writing this post, but I can still discuss things in between.

This will keep going probably until midnight -maybe even later than that.

So tell me…

Do you celebrate Christmas? Who did you spend this day with? How did you spend Christmas? What are your traditions? Tell me in the comments below…


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