The Liebster Award

This is the first surprise post that I promised you for today. I got nominated for the Liebster Award!

Yes, that’s right I got nominated for the Liebster Award by Lindsay from the Untamed Shrews, so thank you Lindsay! By the way you should go check out their blog, it’s amazing.

liebster-award1 (1)

Now, let’s talk about the award…

How Does It Work?

  • Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.
  • Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.
  • Give 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.
  • Let the blogs know you have nominated them.
  • Give them 11 questions to answer.

Lindsay’s questions for me:

1. How many books did you read in 2015?

According to Goodreads I read a total of 125 new books this year. Don’t ask me about re-reads, I’ve lost count.

2. Which ones were your favorites?

I’ve talked about this in my last Top 5  Books of the Year post and on my New Year’s Resolutions Book Tag post, so I’m going to simply show them to you…

3. Which were your least favorites?

I din’t read all that many books I didn’t like this year. I did, however, read a few of them. The worst ones were The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley, Me and the Marquis by Tyburn Way (which I have reviewed) and the worst of all The Green Woman by Peter Straub, Michael Easton and John Bolton.

4. How many do you plan to read in 2016?

My current goal is to read 75 books, but I usually read more books than my goal.

5. How do you pick which books to read next?

It depends on many things. I usually go to my TBR list and stare at it for a couple of hours and choose depending on my mood. But lately because of all the reviews of Netgalley I need to do and because of the monthly Wrap ups and goals I have set for 2016, I am trying to follow a specific list of books. Of course, I create this list according to what I’m in the mood to read that month, but I do try to stick to it.

6. Where is your favorite place to read?

My bed. Even though it’s not as comfortable as I’d like. The truth is that I am planning to put a big armchair in my room with a small table on the side to hold a lamp, my coffee or tea and books. You know, create a reading corner for myself. It will be perfect!

91IwRQlgStL._SL1500_7. What is your favorite book-to-movie adaptation?

Freedom Writers. I didn’t know that The Freedom Writers’ Diary existed before watching the movie. Although I am still trying to finish the book, it is a great book and an equally great movie.

8. What is your least favorite?

Eragon. The only thing I liked in this movie was Jeremy Irons and Saphira. It was a really bad movie and it also had almost nothing to do with the actual book. I really hate it when they do that. If you are going to take a book and turn it into a movie, then the plot, Eragon (Music from the motion picture)characters, etc. need to match. For example, in the book Arya one of the most important characters has black curly hair and wears dark leather. In the movie Arya has straight red hair and is dressed from top to bottom in white… Yeah… If you want to make a movie that only has a few things in common with the book, then simply say that the movie was only inspired by the book and create something that is yours. Give the story your own twist add something completely original. The reason that I feel so strongly about this movie is because so many more people have watched it than those who have actually read the books and it has now given the book a really bad name. Whenever I talk about Eragon with people I get the same reaction. Having watched the movie they think that the books are little better than burning material for their fireplaces. But the books are amazing!

9. Do you judge new people based on their book likes/dislikes?

No. I tend to judge people by the way they treat me from the first moment we meet. I am a very quiet and introverted person. It is easy for people to just forget I’m there sometimes, because there are times when I remain silent for long periods, if I have nothing to offer in the conversation. So, when I meet new people I tend to judge them by their very first interaction with me. It’s not uncommon for them to feel uncomfortable with my silence and try to ignore me, or if it’s one of these times when I do have something to say, I judge very negatively the people that snub me. I know that no one likes snobs, but for me it is more than that. Because I am such an introvert, I judge very negatively those who snub me in our first meeting. They don’t really know me and they are refusing to even try.

Also, I am very prejudiced against prejudiced people. Prejudice of any kind drives me crazy. So, when other people are prejudiced or so stuck on their opinions that they deny to even listen to your own, I tend to keep them at a distance. What I hate most of all are the people who have turned their beliefs and opinions into their religion, to which you must convert or get -best case scenario- a severe migraine. But enough with that. Let’s move on to the next question…

10. What book destination would you love to visit?

Alagaesia. I would move there become a Dragonrider, learn to use magic, become a vegetarian and live with the Elves.

11. What book character would you choose to accompany you?

The Mad Hatter (preferably the Johnny Depp version of him). Do I need to explain myself? After all, Johnny Depp does mad like no other.

Eleven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I have lost count of how many dogs I’ve had in my life, but I’ve only head two cats, two parrots and three mice. Only.
  2. I am 1.65 cm, have stragiht dark brown hair that look more black than brown and very dark green eyes that have a golden ring in the center, but everyone thinks my eyes are brown.
  3. I have never met a person who was able to spell my surname correctly, without help. My full name is Eleonora Lydia Choursoulidou. And Lydia is a second first name not a middle name.
  4. lydiaI was raised to believe in the Greek Orthodox, whether I do believe or not is another question. Anyway, so when my great-grandfather wanted to baptize me, we had to choose another name to go along with Eleonora (my grandma’s name) or my parents wouldn have to choose another name. I was named Eleonora Lydia, after the actress Lydia Koniordou.
  5. I have traveled in almost every part of Greece apart from Crete. When it comes to travels abroad, I have been in: Hungary, Austria (twice), Switzerland, France, Slovakia, and England.
  6. I have a very special relationship with french fries.
  7. My favorite food in the entire world is fish. But I don’t eat just any fish. I have very specific tastes in fish, depending on how you are cooking it.
  8. I don’t look anything like my sister. She is 2 years younger than me and other than a vague family resemblance we have nothing in common. She is a giant (1.80 cm) with very curly light brown hair and grayish blue eyes. And the differences extend to our personalities. While I am a quiet introverted person who prefers to stay home and read a book, she is an extrovert who can’t stay inside the house for more than a day and gets an allergic reaction when she sees books (to be fair she does read, but our monthly read piles do are very different in size).
  9. Despite the differences in our characters, my sister is my best friend.
  10. My other best friend comes from Albania and her name is Evangelia, but I call her Vangelis, which is like calling John a woman named Johanna. Vangelis is the male version of the name Evangelia. The good thing is that she doesn’t mind.
  11. And lastly, I was taking Kung-Fu lessons for about 5 years. I had trained with two different types of swords, a spear and a fan. For a while I used to own the sword that I was training with (unfortunately, I can’t remember what happened to it). Also, at that age I was in a skiing team. All through primary school, I was up on the slopes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every weekend, as long as there was enough snow. I have photos of myself on skis, when I was just 3 years old and even before that on my dad’s skis and… I have been gotten lost in a blizzard once.

The blogs I nominate are:

  1. Nya Reads
  2. Erma Reads
  3. Panda’s Books
  4. The Leaning Tower of Tomes
  5. The Book Hoarder
  6. I know there are more that I should have mentioned, but my mind is stuck right now. And not only that but every other blog that comes to my mind has just over 200 followers! How is that possible?

And my questions for them…

  1. Which under-hyped book would you recommend to everyone?
  2. Tell me about a really good non-fiction book you’ve read.
  3. Do you carry books around with you or do you prefer to leave them in the safety of your house?
  4. How often do you go to the library and how many books do you borrow each time?
  5. A book you’re never going to read…
  6. Which genre do you wish to read more this year?
  7. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  8. What does your dream world look like? (Go crazy.)
  9. What is the craziest thing a stranger has ever said to you?
  10. What kind of creature would be the perfect pet for you?
  11. If you had to choose only between these two what you prefer to be: a werebunny or a wereduck?

Aaaand that was it. I’m so happy, because so many exciting things have happened lately on this blog that were totally unexpected! And there is something more -another surprise- that I wish to tell you about. I will tell you everything about it in my next post as soon as it is ready. Once again I want to thank Lindsay for nominating me. You should go check out her blog as well as the ones that I nominated.

If any of these blogs have already been nominated, then feel free to answer my questions if you want to.


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