25 Facts About Me

Several BookTubers and book bloggers have been doing the 25 Bookish Facts About Me videos/posts lately. When I saw it, I thought it would be a great post idea. However, I couldn’t think of 25 bookish facts about me. So, I decided to cut the bookish part out and talk a bit more generally. And here they are:

Number 1: I am 1.65m (or 5ft 4.92″) in height. No, I’m not short. I’m average height for a Greek woman. It’s just that my sister, who is a giant at 1.80m (almost 5ft.11″), that makes me look short in the photos.

Number 2: I was born in February 16th, 1993, which means to anyone who is interested that I am an Aquarius.

download (2)Number 3: I am a Pontian. What does that mean? Well, most of my grandparents/great-grandparents came from areas of Pontos during or right after the Pontic genocide. Both of my great-grandmothers used to speak in a mixture of the Modern Greek language and the Pontian dialect (which more like Ancient Greek). There are traditional Pontian dances and songs and clothing. And even today some of my favorite foods are made from Pontian recipes. Anyway, here are a couple of videos about that part of my culture:

Number 4: One of my dreams is to move permanently in another country. Preferably Scotland, Canada, or Sweden. Those are my top 3 options, but I wouldn’t mind moving to the US or maybe somewhere in Africa either.

Number 5: However, I am still very proud of my Greek heritage. And who wouldn’t be?

Number 6: Now that we are on the subject of foreign countries, I have been to Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, France, Slovakia, and England and passed through a few more countries.

Number 7: My dream is to travel to Scotland. I don’t know if you have noticed, but Scotland fascinates me. I would love to spend at least a month of exploring Scotland, the highlands and the castles and everything. Anyone willing to fund that trip, because I definitely cannot.

Number 8: I am very picky about fashion. I mean VERY picky. I won’t wear anything that is not comfortable. I rarely wear things that I haven’t chosen myself. Most of the times, when I listen to people’s advice and buy something I’m not sure that I love, I will end up avoiding wearing it or simply never wearing it at all. But when I find something I love, I won’t stop wearing it until it’s impossible for me to wear it without looking like a homeless person, in which case I will probably start using it as home-wear until it has more holes than fabric. And I’m only joking by about 5%.

Number 9: I was raised Orthodox, my mother thinks I’m a Muslim (I don’t know why, I’ve never even hinted something like that), but in truth I am agnostic. Because I like to keep my options open. Now I am 100% joking. The true reason is that I is that I prefer to take responsibility for my own action and decisions. I think using any god as an excuse for an action/decision/injustice is just that: an excuse. I’m not arrogant enough to claim that I know there is no god(s), but I am also not irresponsible enough to claim that He/She/They exist(s). It’s a much more frightening and a much less certain approach to life and ethics, I know. But it’s what will set you free. Without always looking for or rejecting the existence of this God or the other you can actually chose to do what YOU think is best. Anyway, this is my personal belief. If you believe something else -anything else- then that is okay.

Number 10: I love mythology. Especially Greek and Norse mythology. Hence my new art project that I talked about in my last Sunday Post.

Number 11: The Odyssey is my favorite book of all time followed by The Funeral Oration of Pericles by Thucydides.

Number 12: I taught myself to read when I was in kindergarten. I’m serious. Before going to school my mom used to buy me these books that parents buy their children to practice writing. So, I already knew the alphabet. After that it was just a matter of finding an easy book to start with, using logic to figure out how to read each word correctly, asking about whatever I didn’t understand, and being stubborn enough to sit down and try to read The Little Mermaid until I had learned how to read it. And that pretty much sums up my character. I am a person who needs to feel that she is independent. So, when I find that I REALLY like doing something but have to depend on someone else to actually do it, then I will become practically obsessed with learning how to do whatever it is by myself.

Number 13: Wild animals are known to pass in front of my house nightly. And not just deer. I’m talking about wolves and wild boars. I have personally seen all three. In fact, there was this one time that I went for a light jog a little bit too early and I saw a wild boar springing out of the bushes 50m away from me and passing the road running straight into the residential area. To those of you who are thinking of this:download

I’m going to burst your bubble, because I’m talking about thisdownload (1)

Wild boars are a very very dangerous species when angry.

Number 14: I’m practically a fish. Ever since I was a child, I have loved swimming. I have always been a very good and very confident swimmer. I love swimming so much that when I was a child I wished I were a dolphin. To this day mermaids fascinate me as mythological creatures and #guiltysecret I still wish I were a mermaid from time to time.

Number 15: I do not watch TV. I don’t like TV at all. I consider it a waste of time that I could have spent reading a book. I do like watching movies now and then, but I am definitely not a movie geek.

Number 16: I abhor smoking with every fiber of my being. I am one of those people who has had to go to a lot of doctors from very early on in my life (and I’m only 23). I consider people who have always been healthy to be very lucky. So, when I see someone giving away their health, giving away their lives just for one more inhale of that poisonous foul-smelling cigarette smoke, I lose some small part of my respect for them. (The same thing goes for drugs.) Honestly, I can’t understand how people do it. You can practically smell the sickness and death that cigarettes have to offer in their smoke.


Number 17: My crying into the 7th Harry Potter movie turned me into my sister’s classroom’s joke. Yeah, I had the misfortune of being seen crying at the end of the movie by one of my sister’s classmates. The next day he went and told in front of the entire classroom and teacher the really sad story of “Tomby” the little teddy bear. From what I understand, Tomby was a very cute little teddy bear and me and Tomby were practically inseparable. That was until the day my evil younger sister fell on Tomby the Teddy and smashed him with her breasts so badly that he was turned into little more than a stamp on her formerly plain white T-shirt (which she was wearing that day at school). That was how I lost Tomby the Teddy; my dearest friend in the world…tumblr_inline_n26d3lr8op1r7qr2g.gif

Number 18: I wanted to go to Art School, but ended up studying Mathematics. Don’t ask.

Number 19: I practically live in PJ bottoms. I can’t stand uncomfortable clothing and also when I’m at home I have a tendency to sit in very weird positions. Wearing jeans makes those two things (comfort & weird sitting positions) difficult. Having to constantly tag down a tight T-shirt is even worse. So, the first thing I always do as soon as I get home is change into PJ bottoms and a loose T-shirt.

Number 20: I am very serious about my organizational systems.  Before I say anything else, let me tell you first thing that I am not a very neat person. BUT! When I expend time and effort on organizing something, I will make it perfect. Both organizationally and aesthetically speaking. And it will always be done in a way that will make it as easy as possible to find anything that you are looking for in the future. HOWEVER! If you DARE take something out and not put it back to its appointed place, then your only hope is to realize your fault before I do. And if you’re thinking “as if she would remember exactly where she put this”, then think again. I will remember and I will notice and when I do there wouldn’t be a chance for you to escape me if you were the Road Runner and I the Coyote. This is mostly because the stuff that I do spend time to organize are the things that everyone else cringes to even contemplate of organizing. I will spend hours maybe even days on doing that job for you, but you will have to take care of it and keep it organized from then on. I will understand changing the system because it wasn’t as easy to use as I had initially thought, but I won’t stand having spent so much time making your job easier only to have you think it’s boring to put only one thing in its place when you’re done with it. WARNING: Expect an explosion!

Number 21: When I was 11 years old, I swam in water that was 55m deep. And I wasn’t wearing arm floats or a life jacket or anything other than a simple mask so that I could see the underwater sea life. We were on a day cruise of the northern Ionian and it was magical. Needless to say that my sister my sister was frightened of her feet ever touching the water. Do you get now what I meant when I was talking about mermaids? If I could live underwater, I would.

Number 22: I did Kung Fu for about 6 years. When I stopped, I could already use two different types of sword, and a spear and I had practiced a little with the fans.

Number 23: I once wrote an essay for school that gave the credit for the formulation(?) of the gravity theory to Newton’s horse. Yes, I did do that. I had been very angry and hurt because my classmates in second grade were teasing me for being a bit chubby and because they were always choosing me last when we were being separated into teams, even though I was just as good as everybody else. This led me to think how some people end up stealing all the credit from the ones that actually deserved it (in second grade, I know, I was weird) and since the next hour my teacher asked us to write an essay that was kinda relevant and kinda not just like every essay in the second year of elementary school, I decided that I would speak up for this injustice. What did I do? Instead of writing a paragraph of 8-10 lines just like every normal student in my classroom did, I wrote two and a half pages. It was practically a short story. Why this particular essay? Well, we were talking about Newton and the gravity theory that day. Also, the number one animal that is never given credit for its hard work is the mule. So, I decided to write an essay about how in truth it was Isaac Newton’s mule that had first thought of the gravity theory and how Newton stole the idea and the credit from his mule. It was going to be symbolic! However, there was just one problem. In my young mind Isaac Newton had been a famous scientist, which must have meant that he was filthy rich. Filthy rich people didn’t have mules, they had expensive horses. If I were to use a mule, my story would have been unrealistic. It had to be a horse. But I refrained from any kind of grand description of the horse. It was a very modest horse, who never boasted for its bloodlines.

There you go. Now you too know the truth. Newton was a plagiarist, who gained money and fame by stealing his horse’s brilliant ideas! Honestly, I’ve always been kinda weird. What I’ve just told you is a 100% true. No half truths and no add-ons. This was what my 8-year-old self was thinking. And the best thing was that, while those who were teasing and making fun of me and hurting my feelings had been struggling to write 10 lines, I wrote 2.5 pages without even thinking about it.

I really should re-write it and make it into a children’s book.

Number 24: I am practically bilingual. I was 7.5 years old when I cried long enough to give my mother no choice but to take me to an English language school so that I could start taking classes. I think that she mostly did it because she thought that I would soon get bored of learning English and stop studying so that she could stop paying for it. Well, if that was her plan,then it backfired. Not only was I the youngest one in my class, not only did I not stop studying for it, but I also took summer classes for two years so that I could get my degree earlier. After getting my Proficiency Certificate, I started reading books in English to stay in touch with the language and improve. Today I am at a level where I don’t need to think before using the English language. And if I’m ever stuck it’s on specific words that I can always paraphrase. I think that’s bilingual enough for an everyday level use. And I’m studying for the IELTS Certificate in order to get bilingual on an academic level as well. Other than English, I can understand a little bit of German and I can also understand very little Spanish.

images (4)Number 25: I am obsessed with halva. I don’t have a sweet tooth at all. I prefer the more savory dishes. But halva is the one thing that I can never resist. Tahini and sugar, that’s what halva is.
Of course, you can find halva with cocoa powder/almonds/pistachios/peanuts/honey/etc, but the basic recipe has two ingredients: tahini and sugar.

Okay, that what was it. Any thoughts on this long post?


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