Emerging from a pile of readings & homework

Hello World,

my name is Nora. I know that you might have forgotten who I am, considering how I have disappeared in the last two and a half weeks, but I am finally ready to emerge from the pile of things I’ve had to do lately.

First things first, on August the 20th I will be taking the IELTS exams. This means that I have less than a month to make sure I am more than ready to do well at it. My goal is to get at 7.5 out of 9 in every part of the examination. My teacher is confident, I am nervous. I’ve been writing essays like crazy, I just hope that I will be able to get feedback on them before the 20th or what’s the point, right?

Secondly, this Sunday the seminar in Bulgaria I talked to you about starts and I have to study and prepare for it. In the last three weeks, I’ve read Milton Friedman, Friedrich Hayek, Adam Smith, Isaiah Berlin and I don’t know who else. I will admit that the more I read, the more interesting it all sounds (I probably should have studied literature or philosophy instead of mathematics). However, all of the new concepts I’ve had to acquaint myself with are a little hard to understand to a beginner. When I first started studying the materials we were sent I was completely lost and started to panic thinking that I wouldn’t understand a thing of what these people are planning to teach us. Then I found a list with extra recommended readings at the of a chapter we are expected to study for the seminar and I read some of the things on that list. Slowly, I started to feel much more confident discussing all these things and I will probably started reading more about political philosophy on my own in the future. Or just philosophy in general. I have already attented an Introduction to Philosophy by the University of Edinburgh through coursera a couple of years back. Maybe I need to get a little bit more serious about it.

Also, preparing to attend the seminar meant that it was time for some very much needed shopping therapy. It’s been so long since I went out to buy anything for myself and I can’t remember ever enjoying shopping as much as I did this time. I got a new bathing suit, cute pyjamas, a new pair of leggings, a couple of T-shirts and more. And all of it cost me less than 150€. I just love sales period! Moreover, I’ve had a pedicure and I’ve generally pampered myself. I’m going to meet people from 10 different countries around the world, I need to feel confident being around them and that means looking my best.

On August the 16th my Aunt Helen and her husband are going to be visiting us from Austria for a few days. This will probably be my last chance to see her for some time, because she is currently five months pregnant and she won’t be able to travel for much longer. This time she will give birth in Austria instead of Greece. But she will come to see us, as soon as the doctor allows her after little Katya is born.

Lastly, at the beginning of September it is exams month again in my University and I need to prepare for that as well.

I am wondering would you like to see any photos I might take in Bansko? I don’t think I would mind


A peek outside my house from the side where the village is…

Now, it’s your turn…

Do you have anything exciting scheduled for this moth? Are you planning on going somewhere on vacation? Have you got any plans for the last month of the summer? And also what type of posts would you like me to do now that I will be in Bulgaria? Do you have any interesting ideas?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…


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