The Mathematics Book Tag (Original)

At the risk of generalizing, I will assume that you my dear reader were one of those people who hated Maths at school. An assumption that is probably right, since very few people were actually crazy enough to like or even worse (myself included) to love Maths at school. Well, here’s your chance to reconsider. Let’s for once have fun with Maths!

I’ve wanted to create an original tag for months now, but I was stuck as to what theme to choose for it. Then one day the idea popped into my head and now I’ve got not just one but two tags on mind. The second one will be even more than this one, but both will appeal to the geek side of your (and my own) personality.Pure-mathematics-formulae-blackboard_495px

2000px-Nuvola_apps_edu_mathematics_blue-p.svg1. Square root of x: A book or series that should have been much shorter

I love a never-ending series, but not every author can do it well enough to keep my interest.

16673556The House of Night Series by P.C. & Kristin Cast.

At the beginning, I loved that series but now I can’t for the life of me force myself to read Redeemed. I honestly want to know the ending of the series, but I just don’t want to read any more of this series. It should have ended much earlier than that.

cover2. a*x: Name an author that you wish had written more books so that you could read them.

Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ve read about 20 of her books and I’m not even close to the end of the books that she has written. But I can already tell you that if she writes any new books, then I’m gonna buy ’em and I’m gonna read ’em.

2566833. x/y: An over-hyped book or series

So many people are going to hate me, but I’ll say it anyway…

The Mortal Instrument Series by Cassandra Clare. I will be honest here. I did like some parts of the books in the series that I did read. But as a whole I didn’t like the series. And I don’t think that the books deserve the hype, even the parts that I actually liked. This series was worse than a Mexican soap opera! There I said it. Now all of you Mortal Instrument die-hard fans out there can come stab me in the back.

1134364. x + y: Name a fictional world you would love to live in

Alagaesia, of course. There are dragons, elves, dwarves, magic. People actually ride dragons. This world has always fascinated me and if I could do it, then I think I’d like living in it.

83544165. (    ): A book that someone should have explained better

The Green Woman by Peter Straub, Michael Easton & John Bolton. This is a really bad graphic novel that someone really should have explained better. The illustrations were so badly drawn that I couldn’t understand what I was seeing and I couldn’t distinguish the different characters. And not just that, but the entire had me constantly thinking “Huh? What’s going on? What is happening? What am I reading about?”. Yeah, someone should really have explained this book better.

233440606. xa – A villain who you loved instead of hating.

I’m going to go back to The House of Night Series and say Kalona. I loved Kalona from the very first book that he was in. And yes, him being described as a beautiful half-naked angel did factor in in my decision not to hate him.

6232267. -x: A book that shouldn’t have been published. Ever.

The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley. I don’t know about you, but I have read Fifty Shades of Grey and I did not hate it. I can’t say that it is the best book in the entire world, but it was good. It had a plot. There was some mystery in it, it was emotionally charged. Well, the only way that I can describe The Dark Garden is by saying that it is as if someone took Fifty Shades of Grey, threw away the plot, kept the sex and the BDSM and published it. I honestly could not find one thing that I liked about it. And I did look. The only reason I finished was to find something that I liked in it. I don’t know why someone would bother with this book at all, let alone invest money in publishing it.

And that was the end of the Mathematics Book Tag. I hope that you liked it. Come back next week to see the second original tag I will be posting.

I tag Michelle, Abbiee, Tracy, Emily, Erika, Beth, Shannon, Andie, Candace, Emily and whoever else that I cannot think of right now. I hope you’ll have fun doing the tag! If you do it, then leave me a link here, so that I can see it.

P.S. Don’t worry. Next week’s tag won’t be about Physics. It will be fun! Geeky but fun. I promise! 😀

Now it’s your turn…

Did you like this tag? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? And do you share my opinions? What are your answers to these questions? Would you like to do the tag?

And the really tricky question…

What’s your relationship with Maths? Do you love it or do you hate it? What’s your favorite subject to study?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…


12 thoughts on “The Mathematics Book Tag (Original)

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  3. Love the tag! Ugh math and my brain do not get a long LOL
    I just finished filming my video for the tag for my booktube channel. I will post the link here for you when it goes live.


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  5. such a cool tag! I quitel like maths, when it’s not super hard and confusing 8cough* calculus *cough*. there were a few expressions that I didn’t understand why they related to the tag? like why is x/y a hyped book. Does x stand for the book? But otherwise, this is super cool and I may well steal it. Also, I stopped the mortal instruments at book 3 because boring.


    • X is the hype around a book and y the times that you are reducing it. As in x is too big and needs to be lessened or some other kind of weird logic that made sense to my head at the time. And anyway just like multiplication is actually multiple additions of the same number, likewise division is multiple subtractions. And that was how the question was created.


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