Bookshelf Statistics

A couple of months ago I found this post on Virtually Read, where Shar had catalogued her bookshelves and made a few pie charts from the statistics she had gotten. At the time, I thought it was a great idea for a post, but the catalogueing part took me a while.

But I am finally done with all of the books on my shelves and with the creation of the pie charts (that took me almost as long to create  as the catalogueing part). And of course, because I’m very much into self-torture, I decided to add a couple of pie charts.

The first thing I did wast to divide my books in three categories: Read, Unread and Partially Read.Sort by Status

Then I sorted them by genre. (The Other category are genres of which I own less than 3 books)

Sort by Genre

After that, I separated and sorted the books I have read according to their genres.

Sort Read by Genre

Next, I sorted them by publisher. The Other Category is for publishers on my shelves that I have 3 or less books of.

Sort by Publisher

Then, I divided my books according to the author’s gender. And before anyone thinks I am a weird stalker who went far enough as to check the gender each of these authors uses for themselves, I am going to spoil your fun. The Other category means books that had more than one authors of both genders, or an unknown author (for obvious reasons), or something like that. Now leave me alone! I’m checking the sexual orientation of the 87th author on my list. (But I am not a stalker. It’s for a blog post.)

Sort by Gender

The second to last pie chart I made was Greek vs. Foreign authors. I wanted to see how many of the books on my shelves were by foreign authors compared to the ones written by Greeks.Sort by Ethnicity

I don’t know if it is a good thing that so many of my books are from non-Greek authors, but it has only been about a year since I started actually looking at books written by Greeks again. Before that the influence of Book Bloggers and BookTubers was a little bit too heavy on me.

And the last statistic I got was based on the length of my books.Sort by Length

These were some of my bookshelf statistics. I hope you had fun reading about them. I know that as a post it is not very long, but it has taken me too long to write it. If anyone decides to do this post as well, then be warned that it is not going to be a quick one. My advice is to make an Excel list of all the books on your bookshelves and then categorize them and use the sorting tool on Excel to find the numbers for each category by simple subtraction. It’s so much better than counting every book for each category.

Now it’s your turn…

Did you like this post? Would you like to do it? What other pie charts do you think I  could do? How would your pie charts look like?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…



2 thoughts on “Bookshelf Statistics

  1. This is so so so cool! I’m so glad you were inspired by this! Multiple-author books are so hard to categorise (and no, I don’t think you’re a stalker). It’s interesting how many books you read that are fantasy compared to how many you own- I guess it shows the things you really like?

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