Top 10 Languages I Want to Learn

I got the idea for this post centuries ago. WHAT??? You don’t believe me!!!!!! Oh. Okay, I wasn’t alive centuries ago. Let’s start again…

I got the idea for this post when computers were invented. But… What is it now? My parents hadn’t even met each other yet? Are you sure? All right. I’ll do it again…

I got the idea for this post when the Internet was created. However,… What do you mean I wasn’t even an idea in my parents’ heads back then? My parents had yet to be born? You are lying! Why should I believe you, you li-… Allright! All RIGHT!!!!

I got the idea for this post in January. It was still a long time ago. Now that we’ve solved that, can we get on with the actual post?Anyway, it’s been a while since I got this idea, but I didn’t know if it was something you would be interested in. However, I have always loved learning new languages and I just wanted to share this with you today.

So, the first language I want to learn is one I already know…

1280px-flag_of_germany-svg1. German

You might be asking yourselves right now, why would anyone want to learn a foreign language that they already know? The answer is actually quite simple. I took German language lessons for 3 years as a teenager. But after these 3 years, I have had little to no chance of actually using the language. So right now, though I can understand simple phrases and sentences, I cannot understand anything more than that and I definitely cannot speak German anymore.

flag_of_spain-svg2. Spanish

This is another language I already know a little bit about. I took Spanish language classes for a few months a year after I ha finished my German. Spanish is not a difficult language. And me being a Greek who knows English makes it easier. But I still can’t communicate in Spanish. So, it is the second language I want to learn.

download3. Russian

After Spanish comes Russian. Russia fascinates me. I would love to travel there sometime. Also, Russian is a very useful language for someone to know, especially considering the fact that it is so similar to many eastern European countries. I think that learning Russian would help me later if I wanted to learn one of those languages.

download4. Chinese

Again, I have always been interested in learning more about the Chinese culture. I have even taken Kung Fu lessons as a teenager. I think it would be very cool to know Chinese.

download-15. Italian

Well, Italy is right next to Greece and Italian is an easy language to learn. So given a chance I would love to learn how to speak Italian.ist2_5375849-page-from-old-arabic-book

6. Arabic

Because I love how it sounds and I like their alphabet and because I would be able to sing all of the lyrics in Arabic songs instead of just saying “Habibi…habibi…”.

flag_of_sweden-svg7. Swedish

Don’t ask me why. I don’t really know. I just want to learn Swedish. I even attempted to do so through the Internet but I realized very quickly that without a proper tutor, I would never be able to learn the language. The truth is that I would love to live in Sweden.

images8. Japanese

Because I love Sailor Moon, The Last Samurai and anything that has to do with the samurai in general. Say whatever you want. I don’t care. These are important enough reasons for me to learn Japanese. Oh, and, of course, because Japanese sounds simply AWESOME!

download-29. Indian

So that I can one day travel to India and try real Indian food (though I’ll probably won’t like all these spices). And because I have seen pictures of Indian women and they have the most beautiful eyes. I really really really want to draw them. And that means that I have to go to India and get THE most amazing photos of them to use for reference.

download-310. Danish

Remember that seminar in Bansko I told you about? Well, I met a Danish guy there. So one night we were in a big multinational group and we were teaching each other words and tongue-twisters from our languages. I still can’t pronounce the food name he tried to teach us. I can’t really pronounce his name correctly to be honest. So, I think that learning Danish would be a hilarious, though possibly exhausting experience.

These are the top 10 languages I want to learn. For all of you expecting to see French on the list, I’m sorry but I would only learn French if I were forced to do it. My sister has totally turned me against anything to do with the language. But French people are great. I have no problem with them. I just don’t want to read their language.

Now it’s your turn…

Which are the top languages you want to learn? Which is the language that you would never sit down and study willingly? What do you think of my language learning criteria? What are yours? Do you like learning foreign languages? Do you speak more than one language and which?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…


7 thoughts on “Top 10 Languages I Want to Learn

  1. I actually tried learning Russian a while back, for fun. I used a language app called Busu that would passive aggressively mock me for not completing my next unit on time. It was the motivation I needed to pass the first two units! However, I think I have to accept that I’m just no good at languages. i wish I was…but I just can’t do it. I’m making my peace with it though!


    • That’s okay. Languages are hard to learn and though some are easier than others, it takes passion and determination to learn and become fluent in a language. For example, I loved learning German. But after I got my Zertifikat I didn’t use it at all. Now I’m able to get the gist of conversations in German, but I cannot speak it anymore. However, my English got 20 times better after stopping my English lessons.

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    • It’s not really. Not everyone finds it easy to learn foreign languages. But if you want to learn one, don’t get discouraged. You’ll get there eventually


  2. No French? Sacrilege. The only language I know is English which is pretty boring, so I definitely would like to learn more languages. Japanese would be awesome because I’ve always wanted to go to Japan.


    • Yeah, I decided that I would never learn French, after my sister started French language lessons and began to laugh at me and correct me every time I said a French word. A language I do not know how to speak. It is so annoying when she does that!


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