Review: What Doesn’t Kill Us

When I requested an e-copy for this book, I hoped for a very emotional read and did not really expect to be sent a copy…

coverTitle: What Doesn’t Kill Us

Author: Stephanie Henry

Pages: 227

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Summary: As a child, Drew tried to protect his little sister from his belligerent parents. Through the screaming and arguing, a tragic accident occurs; one that will forever define Drew’s life.

When he meets Hailey years later, he never would have thought that their lives could ever be entwined.

Despite their obvious differences, they form a life-changing bond. But on a trip to visit Hailey’s dad, they unearth a fateful discovery that changes everything.

Can they survive uncovering decade-old secrets and learning the truths of their pasts? Or will the aftermath of their discoveries break the bond they’ve been desperately clinging to?


As you have probably guessed, I was obviously sent a copy of the book, but I honestly didn’t think I would. (Probably because when I answered the question why I was interesting in reading it, I didn’t think my explanation was a little too simple: I read the synopsis and liked it. I guess in Nora’s world this is a very bad reason for someone to give you a book to read ;D ) Anyway, let’s talk about the book.

The first thing I really want to say is that this was a very emotional read for me. The book just touched me very deeply. Maybe it was just me, but I kept tearing while reading it. Drew’s had such a hard life and he is only 17 in the book! I can’t even begin to imagine how a real person could live like that. I would have probably been brought down by the utter loneliness that he must have felt all his life.

Also, extremely important to me was that Stephanie Henry had captured my interest within the very first sentence of her book and she managed to keep it throughout the entire story. It was a combination of her writing and very good plot planning I think.

Speaking of the writing, I really liked it. The most important for me is that it had a nice flow. There weren’t parts in the book where everyone kept paraphrasing the same sentence, the dialogues were written very naturally, etc. It was generally a nicely-written book.

Now let’s get to the negative part of the review. There are two things I want to talk about.

Number one is insta-love. I don’t mind books describing a “love at first sight” as long as it takes the people falling in love some time to realize that they are in love. Some time longer than the one it takes you to read a few paragraphs. However, in this case I didn’t totally hate it because of negative thing number two.

Number two: there were too many things happening in a very short plot. I think that if the author really wanted to write about all the things she wrote about in her book, then she should have made it a lot longer. Why? you might ask. Because some thing that do happen in the book would most likely need much more time to happen in reality. Like, for example, with the insta-love problem. Had the author started the story after Drew and Hailey had already met, then the entire story would have been much more realistic.

Okay, I lied. There were three negative things. The third is the fact that, as far as I know, this is a standalone. Who was silly enough to think that a sequel was not necessary? How am I going to learn what happens with Craig and Val? How will I get to learn Craig’s story? Huh? HUH!!!!??PicMonkey Collage


Now it’s your turn…

Have you read What Doesn’t Kill Us? Would you like to? Did you like my review of it? Have you read any other books by Stephanie Henry?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…


2 thoughts on “Review: What Doesn’t Kill Us

  1. Great review! I haven’t actually heard of this one before until this, and it sounds interesting! Too bad about the insta-love, but at least the writing captured your attention and you enjoyed it. ❤


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