Why I’m a Reader Tag

I was going through old e-mails in my account today, when I discovered that I had been tagged months ago to do this tag. I really meant to do this post but at the time I had other posts scheduled. And then life got in the way and I forgot all about it. Anyway, I decided that today was a good day for a tag post. Thank you Emily for tagging me! 

Choose one word to describe yourself as a reader.

I know the word in Greek but I really cannot find a translation that fits in English. I guess if I really had to use only one word, it would have to be ‘intuitive’. What I mean by that is that I almost always know beforehand which books I am going to like and which ones I won’t. I  am almost instinctively drawn to the books I am going to at least like. It is very rare for me to not like a book that I have taken the time to finish reading, which is why most of my reviews have good ratings.

There is also the fact that I am a very intuitive reader plotwise. It is very easy for me to see where the plot is going. I know the point in a book when the major catastrophe is going to happen and I know when the problem is going to be solved. While I’m reading I catch thoughts or phrases that other people pass without a second thought and see in them plot twists that occur 100 pages later. It’s close to impossible for an author to REALLY surprise me. Part of it has to do with how many books I’ve read in my life, but the biggest part of it is just me and how I have always read my books. I have talked more about this in my ‘How to Guess the Ending of a Book’ post.

What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

9789602190807-200-0139596Τα 88 Ντολμαδάκια by Eugene Trivizas. Eugene Trivizas is one of the best Greek children’s book authors ever. He is the best of the best in my opinion. You might have heard of books like The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig or The Last Black Cat etc etc. They were all written by him. He was my favorite author while growing up. I remember that I used to carry this book of his around with me everywhere I went. If you have children I really recommend that you buy them at least one of Eugene Trivizas’ books. Both you and they are going to love them.

Hardback or Paperback?

Definitely paperback. They are cheaper so I can buy more of them and they are easier to read, though I do like looking at hardbacks.

How has reading shaped your identity?

I guess I have to start by saying that reading has influenced my identity immensely. Reading is not only an escape for me. Through books I have been able to learn how to look through other people’s eyes, to look at the world from different perspectives. Though my sister has been accusing me of exactly the opposite thing lately, the truth is that it has become really easy for me to empathize with people. This is something that has made me become both harsher and more just with people. Why? Because, even when I don’t know all of the facts, I can still see behind what people are saying. This sometimes means that I can excuse their behavior because I see where they come from and why they are right and there are other times when I am even harder on them because I do know where they are coming from, what they are trying to do and I really do not like it. It has made me more just because I am able to look at something more spherically and evaluate the situation better than I would have before.

Reading has also taught me so many different things. I have read about concepts, ideas, prejudices, problems people are facing. To be honest, if my parents knew the content of some of the books I have read they would…let’s just not talk about it. The point is, that I have read books about people with lifestyles and opinions etc very different from mine. I have seen the world through their eyes and I understood things that I had no idea about before. It has made me able to accept things that just sounded so weird to me before, I have become more tolerant, more aware, more open-minded.

Every new book I read is another eye-opening experience. It might be just me, because I get totally immersed in the book I’m reading at the time. It is still true that reading has helped me become the person that I am today.

What book do you read when you want to be comforted?

I don’t have a specific book I turn to when in need of comforting. Usually what I do is go through my e-library on my PC and reread a book that sounds good at the time.

Who influenced you or taught you to be a reader?

My family. If you were to ask my mother the same question about me, she would answer you that she was the one buying me so many books and thus she was the one to teach me my love for books. Wrong! The truth is that I grew up in a home filled with books. Both of my parents read a lot and my grandparents (from my dad’s side) read a lot too. Growing up I spent most of my day either in my house or my grandparents’ house. Seeing so many people read around me and having so many books in the house made me curious about books. Also, being a very introverted and shy child played a huge role as well.

Describe your dream reading lounge.

This or something very close to it.

Btw, I just realized that I have never shown you my library before. Here’s just a peek.

What book changed how you saw the world?

Again, I cannot think of a single book that changed my entire outlook on the world. I believe that every book I read is another step to me becoming a better person. Every single book I read changes my view of a part of the world a little bit. This question is a little bit too broad for me. Are we talking about human relationships, right or wrong, violence, tolerance, alternative lifestyles (to mine)? I can probably name a book that has really opened my eyes in each of those categories, but to name just one book that has changed how I see the entire world is next to impossible.

And that is the end of this tag. I really enjoyed answering all these questions, so thanks again Emily for tagging me. You are awesome! I am going to tag…oooh I don’t know who I tag! I’ve been so out of the blogging thing lately that I can’t think who I want to tag. However, if you, the reader of this blog post, want to do this tag, then please consider yourself tagged and get me out of the difficult position of choosing someone!

Now it’s your turn…

What are your answers to these questions? Why are you a reader? Did you like this post?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…

And if you decide to do the tag, leave me the link to see it.


One thought on “Why I’m a Reader Tag

  1. I adore your answers! 😀 And I definitely understand about parents and contents of books. At this point, I’m in my mid 20s and they obviously wouldn’t care, but when I was a teenager that was a different story I think, haha. Thanks for doing the tag!


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