My Book Buying Ban & Reading Plans for 2017

It is a very good thing that I decided to check my comments and notifications on my blog today. Had I not, then this post wouldn’t have been posted until March 3rd, even though I had planned to publish it a month earlier than that. Why? Eeeerhm, well…I might have scheduled it for arch 3rd thinking I had scheduled it for February 3rd. It is possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. My bet is that aliens hacked into my WordPress account and changed my scheduled posts’ dates. Yes, that is what happened. *nods head*

The Book Buying Ban

Okay, now that I have called the alien exterminator, I can get start talking about today’s post. I am currently on a book buying ban. Yes, it is official. I am currently forcing myself to reduce my book buying to a minimum. It is, unfortunately, a fact that I am running out of room in my bookshelves. It won’t be too long until my tbr books vastly outnumber my read books unless I do something to prevent that. And here is how I am planning to do that…

The Rules:

Rule #1:

(Which is honestly pretty obvious.)I cannot buy any new books.

The exceptions:

  1. I can buy books that belong in my Book Depository list. The list contains 24 books in total that I really REALLY want to buy. Also, I am much more reasonable with my Book Depository purchases for some reason, so I don’t think that these books are really going to hurt my goal. Half of them are art related anyway.
  2. I can buy books that are parts of series that I already own. By this I mean that I can buy sequels or prequels to a series that I have on my bookshelves. However, I am only allowed to do that IF I have read all of the previous books in this series and know that I want to continue reading this series. So, I am not allowed to buy the fifth book in a series if I have not finished the fourth.
  3. I can buy blog related books. With this I am referring to my new Modern Greek Authors monthly feature. There are a lot of Greek authors whose books I have already read/own. And there are plenty more of them on my parents’ bookshelves. But since I am planning to give you the chance to vote for authors you want me to talk about next, I will probably need to buy a couple of books by the authors you pick during the year. After all, I can’t talk about an author whose books I have never read.
  4. I can buy books, if I find VERY good deals for them. And no, I am not talking about going to my local library’s book bazaar and spending a ton of money to buy the books on the book bazaar shelf. 95% of those books are ones I will never be remotely interested in reading. I am talking about books that really interest me, books that I really want to buy and that I find in a greatly discounted price. I think that it would be a waste of money NOT to buy these books, because I will probably end up buying them anyway sometime in the future at a higher price.

Rule #2:

I have a budget of 20€ for books per month. This includes the exceptions to Rule #1. I am not allowed to pay 50€ in a month for books just because they were at a really good discount. Again I am allowed to go over my budget, if my purchases are blog related, but not too much.

Reading Plans for 2017

I know that it is the middle of February and most people like to set their goals for the year at the beginning of January. However, I find it is redundant for me to make reading plans before my winter semester finals are over, simply because this period is too hectic for me to stick to any plan. Now that my finals are almost over, I can finally organize my reading schedule.

The Goal

Simply put, my goal for 2017 is to minimize mt tbr. I want to begin 2018 with an almost non-existent tbr. This means that from the 75 books I am starting with, I want to have 20 books at most on my tbr at the beginning of 2018.

The Plan

My plan is to start reading each and every book in my tbr starting from the first book of the first shelf and continuing on to the last book on the last shelf. I have my books organized by height and then by which one I want to read more, so I will be going from the books I REALLY want to read to the ones I am not as interested in reading. I am one of those very few weird people with whom such strategy could work for longer than the duration of a Readathon.

Now, the rest of the rules are the following:

  1. I am not allowed to change the order of the books I am reading next than what it is on my bookshelves unless I am reading a series and its sequel is farther down on my shelves.
  2. I cannot start a new book unless I finish the one I am currently reading.
  3. I must post a review on every book that I read.
  4. New books can be put in any place on my tbr shelves (or I’ll go crazy trying to organize them perfectly by height without success).
  5. I am not required to finish every book on my tbr. I can totally dnf books, but if I do so, then I have to immediately donate them to the library. (This is my last chance to read all these books, if I really want to read them then I can devote the time to actually do so.)
  6. And of course, I can read books in between that are for my Modern Greek Authors monthly feature.

And lastly…

My book buying ban will last until I have 20 or less books on my tbr pile. This means that, even if I don’t manage to read all these books I want to in 2017, I will still be on a book buying ban in 2018 until I read all but 20 books on my tbr. That is meant to add extra incentive for me to read more books so I can buy more, but also that I keep myself in check with my book buying and only buy books that I really do want to read.

These are my reading plans for 2017.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you made any big decisions about your book buying/ reading habits for 2017? Is your tbr manageable or are you drowning in a sea of unread books? (Hyperbole thy name is Nora.) Which books are currently on the top of your tbr pile?

Tell me all about it in the comments below…


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