Why I’m a Reader Tag

I was going through old e-mails in my account today, when I discovered that I had been tagged months ago to do this tag. I really meant to do this post but at the time I had other posts scheduled. And then life got in the way and I forgot all about it. Anyway, I decided that today was a good day for a tag post. Thank you Emily for tagging me!  Continue reading


Bookshelf Statistics

A couple of months ago I found this post on Virtually Read, where Shar had catalogued her bookshelves and made a few pie charts from the statistics she had gotten. At the time, I thought it was a great idea for a post, but the catalogueing part took me a while. Continue reading

The Mathematics Book Tag (Original)

At the risk of generalizing, I will assume that you my dear reader were one of those people who hated Maths at school. An assumption that is probably right, since very few people were actually crazy enough to like or even worse (myself included) to love Maths at school. Well, here’s your chance to reconsider. Let’s for once have fun with Maths!
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The Blog Post That Does Not Want To Be Posted (Coffee Book Tag)

Story time:

Three days ago I wanted to do a quick post, because the next day I was going to take the IELTS exam and I need to sleep early. Who knew that this meant falling asleep at nine o’clock right before I writing the last couple of sentences and posting this blog post… Continue reading