My News & TBR Clean Out Challenge

Hello, my faithful readers!

It’s been such a long time since I last published a new post that I’d be thankful if there’s even one of you still following this blog.

The truth is that I’ve had to deal with a lot of problems the last two years that I’m still dealing with now. Some are more personal and I don’t want to talk about them here, Continue reading


My Book Buying Ban & Reading Plans for 2017

It is a very good thing that I decided to check my comments and notifications on my blog today. Had I not, then this post wouldn’t have been posted until March 3rd, even though I had planned to publish it a month earlier than that. Why? Eeeerhm, well…I might have scheduled it for arch 3rd thinking I had scheduled it for February 3rd. It is possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. My bet is that aliens hacked into my WordPress account and changed my scheduled posts’ dates. Yes, that is what happened. *nods head*

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Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge TBR


Since we are approaching the end of the year I decided to participate in the Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge in order to motivate myself to complete some of my reading goals for 2016. Especially now that I have so many things to do, I need to set a more specific goal if I want to finally read some of the books that I have added on my TBR shelves. I am not going to donate the books that I might not read within that time frame, because I might not have enough time to read all of the them. However, I am going to be posting weekly updates every Sunday in order to keep myself on track. You can find out more about this challenge in the original challenge page. Continue reading

Read the Globe Book Challenge


Think about it like this… What does one do when she is surfing the Internet, being bored and discover a Random Country Generator?

…                    …                    …

She  creates  a book challenge! Of course?

Yeah, there is not very much of a co-relation between the two. But, honestly, this is how I came up with the idea for this challenge. It was a very spontaneous creation of mine.

The whole idea behind the Read the Globe Book Challenge is to read authors from different countries and get acquainted with different types of Literature.

I have created a separate page for it on my blog and also a Goodread’s group. Oh, and if you like Twitter you can use the #RtGChallenge so we can all find each other. No one can accuse me of not being thorough. After all, no challenge is a real challenge if you don’t have a group of people to share your progress with.

It is a pretty straightforward challenge and you can learn more about it, if you take a look at its page.

Every month I will be sharing my progress with this challenge here on this blog and on the Goodreads group page. I hope that you will decide to join me. I already have a few authors in my mind for most of the months. They are either authors whose books have been sitting on my TBR shelves for a while now or authors that I have always wanted to read. The continent that scares me is Africa. I don’t think I know many authors from Africa. Do you? Please share with me your suggestions.

So, what do you think of this challenge? Do you find it interesting? Is it something you would like to participate in? Which foreign authors are you looking forward to reading? Where do they come from? Tell me all about it in the comments below…