February Book Haul

I know I have only just talked about my book buying ban in my latest post. I have not cheated before I even started. These are books that I got either before I started the book buying ban or were given to me as gifts for my birthday, which was on the 16th of February. I am now officially 24 years old 😀

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January Book Haul

The first month of 2017 is already over and I still have not realized how quickly 2016 went by. Anyway, this month I have bought some really amazing books for myself and I have also received a few books as gifts from my mother. I won’t bore you with my non-existent news, I will get straight to the book haul part. Enjoy…!

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Why I’m a Reader Tag

I was going through old e-mails in my account today, when I discovered that I had been tagged months ago to do this tag. I really meant to do this post but at the time I had other posts scheduled. And then life got in the way and I forgot all about it. Anyway, I decided that today was a good day for a tag post. Thank you Emily for tagging me!  Continue reading

A Book Haul That Is A Month Late

These are all books that I got last month. I do have a couple more books from The Book Depository, but they haven’t arrived yet, but these will have to go on my August book haul. Now, let me tell you about the last few books I bought… Continue reading

#AZDiverse Read-a-thon & #AYearAThon & July TBR

It’s been a while since I made a TBR post and even longer since I participated in #AYearAThon and there’s a reason for that. I am really bad at reading the books I have planned to read instead of other books that have nothing to do with my TBR list. Also, I have a really bad history with Read-a-thons; whenever I decide that I’m going to participate in a Read-a-thon something happens and I just cannot find the time to do it. Continue reading

March & April Book Haul

I don’t know if I have shared this with you, but my parents have this very bad habbit of leaving things in my closet and never taking them back. One of these things that find their way into my closet and never leave are books. Now, I won’t get into all the reasons why this is the worst place one could store his/her books, I’ll simply say that I don’t like it. So, several times during the year I like to “clean up my closet” and “get rid” of some of these books by choosing the ones I want to read and putting on my bookshelves. After all, they are not going to look for them and even if they do… well they shouldn’t have left them in my closet in the first place. Right? Continue reading