My Book Buying Ban & Reading Plans for 2017

It is a very good thing that I decided to check my comments and notifications on my blog today. Had I not, then this post wouldn’t have been posted until March 3rd, even though I had planned to publish it a month earlier than that. Why? Eeeerhm, well…I might have scheduled it for arch 3rd thinking I had scheduled it for February 3rd. It is possible, but HIGHLY unlikely. My bet is that aliens hacked into my WordPress account and changed my scheduled posts’ dates. Yes, that is what happened. *nods head*

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My IELTS results and my plans for the future (the Dutch battle)

I know. I know. Today I was supposed to do another very exciting original book tag. But moments before actually posting it, I decided to do a search for it. You know what? My original tag is not original! Someone else had already created it and their questions were almost exactly the same as mine! As you can see there is no point in doing an original tag that has already been created. So, instead of that I decided to share some excitings news with you.

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