Review: The Raven Boys

I did it! I finally read The Raven Boys. I’ve wanted to do that from the moment I heard about this book. I’ve wanted to read Maggie Stiefvater for even longer than that. Was it worth my time? Read on and find out… Continue reading


Review: Joy

Before I say anything else in this post, I need to warn you that I am currently going through a really bad cold and I can barely look at my computer screen. Also, I know that I promised to have this review up on Wednesday, but I was too sick to do it. Sorry! Continue reading

Review: Reason

I have recently reviewed Courage by Lena North and said that I was planning to read the other two books in the trilogy. Not too long after that review, I found out that there were available review copies for the other two books and of course I requested a copy of Reason. However, the awesome people that decide who gets to review these books and who doesn’t sent me both Reason AND Joy. So today I am reviewing Reason, the second book in The Dreughan trilogy. Continue reading

Review: Courage

Nine days have passed since my last blog post, but I actually felt like I hadn’t posted for at least two weeks. Anyway, I am back with a book review. I should really post more book reviews or at lest I should try. I am currently late for two book reviews I’ve been meaning to write this month. But for now, let’s focus on this one… Continue reading

Review: The Novice

28250Title: The Novice

Author: Trudi Canavan

Series: The Black Magician  Trilogy #2

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from  Goodreads):

Alone among all the novices in the Magician’s Guild, only Sonea comes from lowly beginnings. Yet she has won powerful allies–including Lord Dannyl, newly promoted to Guild Ambassador. But Dannyl must now depart for the Elyne court, leaving Sonea at the mercy of the lies and malicious rumors her enemies are busy spreading…until the High Lord Akkarin steps in. The price of Akkarin’s support is dear, however, because Sonea, in turn, must protect his mysteries–and a secret that could lead a young novice mage deep into the darkness.

Meanwhile, Dannyl’s first order to resume High Lord Akkarin’s long-abandoned research into ancient magical knowledge is setting him on an extraordinary journey fraught with unanticipated peril–as he moves ever-closer to a future both wondrous…and terrible.

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Review: The Magician’s Apprentice (Blogmas 2015 day 5)

3342764Title: The Magician’s Apprentice

Author: Trudi Canavan

Series: The Black Magician Trilogy #0.5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Summary (from Goodreads):

Set hundreds of years before the events of The Magicians’ Guild, THE MAGICIAN’S APPRENTICE is the new novel set in the world of Trudi Canavan’s Black Magician Trilogy.

In the remote village of Mandryn, Tessia serves as assistant to her father, the village Healer. Her mother would rather she found a husband. But her life is about to take a very unexpected turn.

When the advances of a visiting Sachakan mage get violent, Tessia unconsciously taps unknown reserves of magic to defend herself. Lord Dakon, the local magician, takes Tessia under his wing as an apprentice.

The long hours of study and self-discipline also offer more opportunities than she had ever hoped for, and an exciting new world opens up to her. There are fine clothes and servants—and, to Tessia’s delight—regular trips to the great city of Imardin.

But along with the excitement and privilege, Tessia is about to discover that her magical gifts bring with them a great deal of responsibility. For great danger looms on the horizon for Tessia and her world.


When I first went to University, the very first shop that I visited after my mother finally left me alone was Public, which is a huge chain that among other things has a very nice selection of logically priced books. That’s where I first found out about Trudi Canavan’s books. Years later, I finally have them. I debated a little bit in spring on which ones to buy first, but after some research I found out that this is the chronological order of the books (based on what happens first, not when they were published): 1)The Magician’s Apprentice, 2)The Black Magician Trilogy, 3)The Traitor Spy Trilogy, 4)Age of the Five series and 5) the Millenium’s Rule series.

The Magician’s Apprentice is a prequel to the Black Magician Trilogy and it is set hundreds of years before the Black Magician Trilogy. Also, the Traitor Spy Trilogy is a sequel to the Black Magician Trilogy. I don’t know if the other two series are in any way related to these ones or with each other, but as far as I know they aren’t. So now let’s move on to the review…


This is the first book by Trudi Canavan that I have read and I liked it a lot.

The book is written from many different points of view and many of these characters never even meet each other. However, this fact doesn’t make the book confusing and hard to read, as was the case with A Game of Thrones, which I’ve talked about in a previous post. My two favorite characters in this book were Tessia and Jayan, whom I didn’t like at all at first but then I grew to love him. What I liked the most about the characters in general was that I could see all the aspects of their characters, that I got to know them. What I mean is that I was able to get a circular view of each character and I liked that.

Although there were so many POVs, the plot was still easy to follow. Since the book describes the Sachakan War, it’s obvious that there is a lot of strategy and planning and fighting, but there is also a lot of magic training and healing and a hint of romance and it is overall a great story.

The part I did not like was the epilogue. I did not like it at all and especially while I was reading it for the first time. In fact, initially I would have given the book only 3.5 stars just because of the epilogue. But later on, after reading the trilogy, I understood why the epilogue was written like that. In the end, it all made sense.

Moving on, I want to talk a little bit about the writing. I really like Trudi Canavan’s writing style. Keeping in mind that her story is set in an imaginary world, she has done a great job in describing this new world the different places, people, and animals without having too long descriptions or too long dialogues. There is a nice balance.

The last thing I wanted to say is that if you haven’t read The Magician’s Apprentice or The Black Magician Trilogy  yet, then you should probably start by reading this prequel first. I know that some people prefer to read the trilogy first and even ignore the prequels and the short stories in between. However, in this case, I believe that having read the prequel first, would make the trilogy much more enjoyable and easy to read. I will explain why this is on my review of The Magician’s Guild,  which will be posted on Friday.

Have you read The Magician’s Apprentice? Would you like to read it? Have you read any other of Trudi Canavan’s books? Did you like them? What did you think of this review and which review would you like to read next? Tell me in the comments below.

And if you want your own copy of The Magician’s Apprentice, you can get it in the Book Depository website.